PO1 – Aims:

  1. To find out the key trends of Youth skills emigrants in local communities of Bunyonyi Lake /Maribor/ Hîrlău in the last 20 years and to determine the per cent of youth emigrants in age of 15-19 years.
  2. To find out what the economic backgrounds of youth skilled emigrants from nature protected areas are.
  3. To find out the number of re-integrating returning young emigrants in the last 20years.
  4. To find out what are the main reasons for brain drain are and whether they are the cause or consequence of poverty.
  5. To find out what is the educational and occupational structure of the labour force in the nature protected areas like and what are future needs of the areas.
  6. To find out the correlation between changes in the emigration prospects and the human capital investments in nature protected areas.
  7. To know more about biodiversity, conservation and human ecological footprint in the nature protected areas (Bunyonyi Lake/Kabale/Maribor/ Hîrlău) through 18 months of the research work and observation of 115 participants.
  8. To set off transnational indicators on migration policy of skilled youth in nature protected areas.
  9. Testing the set of indicators on the national and transnational levels.

PO2  Aims:

  1. To identify and measure the underused human capital of the young skilled emigrants.
  2. To formulate interventions, strategies, and policies to unlock development potentials.
  3. To create a transferable pedagogical approach for efficient transnational cooperation.
  4. To make the local strategies on how to minimize young skilled emigration.
  5. To create local pilots for better service in nature protected areas.


PO3 – Aims:

  1. To facilitate the exchange of statistical data, good policy practices and field experience.
  2. To launch a transnational methodology of one-stop-shop unit.
  3. To fight against racism and xenophobia, inequalities, and social discrimination through activities that enable sharing the knowledge, skills, equipment, require interpersonal cooperation and promote the exchange of good practices and innovations.