A reporter from radio Val202 interviewed us during the botanical workshop in botanical garden Julijana. Interview (07:55).

A few impressions from our trip can be found in the gallery.

1st Youth excange!

On 26.5.2018 we are going to start 1st Youth exchange! Brain drain from nature protected areas IS the Topic of event which will be held in the Triglav National Par. We are looking forward to see you again¡

Exchange will finish on June 4th.


We are ready!!!


Project “Never Lose Your Soul” presented on the second international conference for talented students

In August 2018 a project titled “Never Lose Your Soul” was approved by the European Commission (EACEA) for co-financing as an Erasmus+ Youth capacity activity.  The project associates the following partners: high school in Romania (Stefan cel Mare, Hiralu), Birdlife Slovenia (DOPPS), CEZAM Ruše, the high school from Uganda – Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School and II. gimnazija Maribor. The project, which will last for two years, is facing with the problem that the most talented young people from Slovenia, Romania, and Uganda are leaving the area of the protected nature because they don’t see the perspective/relevant employment opportunities for themselves. Protected nature areas are very specific in their economic development and require a thoughtful approach. As a consequence, the area that would require the most careful development planning remain without they extremely precious human potential. The aim of the project is to create a set of development opportunities that would keep young people in the nature protected areas and at the same time raise the level of sustainable natural development. On the second international conference for talented students organized by primary school Ruše and Pedagogical faculty of Maribor, Zdenka Keuc (II. gimnazija Maribor) presented the first activities and results of the project.

Welcome to the first kick-off meeting (19.2. – 23. 2. 2018)

Welcome to the first kick-off meeting (19.2. – 23. 2. 2018).

What do we have to do before the first Youth exchange?

Set of new or improved transnational indicators on migration policy of skilled Youth in nature conservation areas.

(1)Fieldwork – collecting emigration data of Skilled Youth in the conservations areas in Podravje, Iasi and Lake Bunyonyi; (2) Data Analysis; (3)Complete/improve setting methodology;  (4) First draft report of the findings is prepared;  (5) A case study of local pilot implementations (Local action planes with national conservation priorities). (6) Launching project leaflet.


1st Youth exchange (Slovenia)

25.5. 2018 (Friday) – 03.06. 2018 (Sunday) (±2 days)


2nd Youth exchange (Uganda)

18.8. 2018 (Saturday) – 27.8. 2018 (Monday) ±2 days