Colegiul Național “Stefan cel Mare” HÎRLĂU from Romania  is a public institution with 850 pupils enlisted in 29 different classes: 4 for the lower secondary level and 25 for the upper secondary level. School ensures high standards of education and preparation. It aims at developing students’ creativity, their critical thinking, their capacity of assimilating knowledge and at triggering their awareness of social responsibilities. Participation in this project summarizes the mission and the orientation of the school which motto is “Maxima debetur puero reverentia” (“We owe the greatest respect to a child”).

Project management team:

  1. RAMONA DARIE– teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science;
  2. ALINA-ELENA OLENIC – teacher of Geography
  3. AUREL NEICU – headmaster (teacher of Mathematics)
  4. LIVIU UNCIULEAC – teacher of Biology
  5. ELENA-GABRIELA FECIORU – teacher of Rumanian Literature and English