Welcome to the first kick-off meeting (19.2. – 23. 2. 2018).

What do we have to do before the first Youth exchange?

Set of new or improved transnational indicators on migration policy of skilled Youth in nature conservation areas.

(1)Fieldwork – collecting emigration data of Skilled Youth in the conservations areas in Podravje, Iasi and Lake Bunyonyi; (2) Data Analysis; (3)Complete/improve setting methodology;  (4) First draft report of the findings is prepared;  (5) A case study of local pilot implementations (Local action planes with national conservation priorities). (6) Launching project leaflet.


1st Youth exchange (Slovenia)

25.5. 2018 (Friday) – 03.06. 2018 (Sunday) (±2 days)


2nd Youth exchange (Uganda)

18.8. 2018 (Saturday) – 27.8. 2018 (Monday) ±2 days